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Basic English Series: Practice Saying Names of Letters :

In these videos, you practice saying the names of the letters. We call this "letter recognition." Each video is less than 3 minutes long and in the video you practice saying the name of the letter after me. These videos only practice saying the letter names; there are other videos to practice writing the letters.

Basic English Series: Handwriting Practice Videos: Lower Case Letters :

In these videos, you practice writing the lower case letters. Each video lasts about 3 minutes and you write each letter 6 times with me and then 5 times on your own. You can use any paper with pen, pencil, or crayon. I have included a pdf file on each video's page. If you print that file, you get a page with very wide lines, like the page that I use in the video.

Basic English Series: Trace and Write the English Alphabet: Workbooks:

This is a series of workbooks, available in pdf versions and in print versions, to practice writing the English language alphabet. The series covers both lower case and upper case letters and is targeted at beginning English language learners and readers of any age.