[055] Quarrel of Sun and Moon

Quarrel of the Sun and Moon

Quarrel of the Sun and Moon


"I am out of patience with you," said Moon to Sun. "Although I bring people together, you scatter them. Thus many are lost."

"I have desired many people to grow," said Sun, "and so I have scattered them; but you have been putting them in darkness and thus have you been killing many with hunger. Ho! ye people!" called the Sun. "Many of you shall mature. I will look down on you from above. I will direct you, whatever you do."

Then Moon said, "And I, too, will dwell so. I will collect you; when it is dark, you shall assemble in full numbers, and sleep. I myself will rule you, whatever you do. And we shall walk in the road, one after the other. I will walk behind him."

Moon is just like a woman. She always walks with a kettle on her arm.