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[011] Ikto and the Thunders

Ikto and the Thunders

Ikto and the Thunders


Ikto once stood on the bank of a stream across which he could not swim. He stood on the bank and thought. Then he sang:

    I stand,
    Thinking often,
    Oh, that I might reach the other side.

Just then a long Something passed, swimming against the current. When it reached Ikto, it said,

"I will take you across, but you must not lift your head above the water. Should you notice even a small cloud, warn me at once, as I must go under the water. If you see a small cloud, you must say, 'Younger brother, your grandfather is coming.'"

Before the other bank was reached, Ikto looked up. He saw a small cloud and said, "Younger brother, your grandfather is coming."

There was a sudden commotion. When Ikto became conscious again, the Thunder Beings were roaring, and the water was dashing high, but the monster had vanished.

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