Basic Skills Series: Practice Saying Names of Letters

Practice Saying Letter Names

Practice Saying Letter Names

by Michael J. Genevro 2019-03-03

Target Audience:

  • English as Second Language Teachers / Students
  • Preschool Educators
  • Parents of preschool children

When I left the corporate world, one of my fundamental goals was to give back to Life everything that I had learned or received in my lifetime.

For 10 years I worked in elementary education. One of my greatest joys in those years was to create learning materials for the students. Some of my creations worked really well with the students. Some did not work so well. Life is a learning experience.

During the past 16 years, I frequently returned to that part of my life experience to create materials that integrated the technical skills and knowledge from my business work with my passion for education at all levels.

One of my earliest projects was a series of 3-minute videos to practice saying the letter names in English.

This article contains a link to the home page for these videos on my Web site.

Yes, I am starting at the beginning here. There is more to follow.

Practice Saying Letter Names