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Moorings: The Power of Story

Howard Gardner from Harvard University is best-known for his research and writing on the theory and practice of Multiple Intelligences.

On Passion and Love: Their Place in Business

On Passion and Love: Their Place in Business

by Michael J. Genevro

November 2006 [essay for small business students at end of Semester]

Csikszentmihalyi and the Creative Personality

Creativity lies at the core of our capacity to grow and even to survive as individuals and as a species. Without creativity we cannot resolve and implement solutions to the adversities that threaten to overwhelm us on a daily basis.

One-Page Wonders: Start a Commonplace Book

One of the grand old traditions of literature is the Commonplace Book, a repository of quotations that inspire, challenge, and guide us on our journey through life.

From the Cancer Wars to Moorings

More than 12 years ago, I took early retirement from Hewlett-Packard.

I hestitate to publish this essay. It is not obviously about running a business or getting a job. Nevertheless, the life experience behind these words expresses the core of my belief system and lies at the core of everything I write or create. In the end, I can only share myself and my life through my work. I hope and pray that my experience and my choices will resonate with some of you who encounter this essay.

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Convergence: Organizing the Job and the Career Economy (Part 2)

Socrates: So, Mike, you are exploring some principles that can help you and others organize their thinking about jobs and careers.

You spoke about your father as an example of a model of job / career choices with limited options.

Are you saying that all members of the World War II generation had the same experience as your father?

Convergence: Organizing the Job and the Career Economy (Part 1)

Socrates: Mike, I am glad that you completed the article on chunking information, on organizing the complexity of Life by breaking down the mass of data and experience into manageable units.

So, chunking is one of the key tools for making sense of the world.

Previously, you wrote about starting with what you know and expanding that understanding into wider and deeper areas. I would call that moving from simple to complex, another key organizing principle.

Convergence: The Role of Chunking

Socrates: Well, it has been quite a while since you wrote here. What's going on?

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