Basic Skills Series: Practice Saying Names of Letters

Practice Saying Letter Names

Practice Saying Letter Names

by Michael J. Genevro 2019-03-03

Target Audience:

  • English as Second Language Teachers / Students
  • Preschool Educators
  • Parents of preschool children

When I left the corporate world, one of my fundamental goals was to give back to Life everything that I had learned or received in my lifetime.

From the Cancer Wars to Moorings

More than 12 years ago, I took early retirement from Hewlett-Packard.

I hestitate to publish this essay. It is not obviously about running a business or getting a job. Nevertheless, the life experience behind these words expresses the core of my belief system and lies at the core of everything I write or create. In the end, I can only share myself and my life through my work. I hope and pray that my experience and my choices will resonate with some of you who encounter this essay.